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Posted by: George Ade      11/27/2009

My new DVD Player have an USB port, it can play AVI movies on my USB disk, today i transferred three .AVI movie files to my USB disk, but only one can be played well, others can't be recognized, why? Please help me.
You should note: AVI is a media container, as a media container format, AVI files can include more kinds of video encoder and audio encoder, most AVI dvd players only support DivX AVI video, or Xvid AVI video, so you should use the right software to create the Divx/Xvid AVI videos from your movies, there is an easy way, you can try RZ DVD Creator v4.11, it can convert any videos to Divx AVI video, or Xvid AVI video, it can save the video on computer harddisk, or directly burn the Divx/Xvid Avi video to DVD writeable disc.

Burn AVI to DVD.

Posted by: Honey. Wood      11/26/2009

Your RZ DVD Creator is really a good software for me, i have more ripped movies, include Blu-ray movies and normal video DVD movies, since i have RZ DVD Creator, i can easy to convert and burn these movies to normal video DVD, or Divx video DVD, i watch these movies with my full screen 50' LED TV, really well, i will recommend it to all my friends!
Yes, RZ DVD Creator can create Standard video DVD/DivX AVI Video/Xvide AVI Video from any movies or photos, include Blu-ray movies, such as m2ts to DVD, ts to DVD, etc. Thanks for your support, we'll try our best to make the software better and better.

Blu-ray movies to DVD Converter/Burner.

Posted by: lorenzo     11/25/2009

I have a Blu-ray movie, it is a m2ts file, but i don't have Blu-ray dvd player, how can i watch this movies on my TV with the normal DVD player? My DVD player support Divx avi videos, and have one usb port.
There is an easy way, you can try RZ DVD Creator, it can create/burn Standard Video DVD/DivX Video DVD/Xvid Video DVD from any movies, with RZ DVD Creator, you can easy convert your blu ray m2ts movie to Divx avi video, and you can burn it to DVD disc, or transfer it to an USB disk, then play on your normal DVD player.

Easy to use, good quality, you can click following link for more info:
Convert/Burn Blu-ray m2ts movie to Divx Avi Video DVD.

Posted by: cosmeticluff     08/27/2009

How do you burn .avi to DVD so it can be playable and watchable on a DVD player?
Convert and burn avi to DVD, RZ DVD Creator is the better choice and so easy to use, convert and burn multi format videos to one disc, auto fit the video size, directly burn any movies to DVD writeable disc(DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-DL, DVD+DL, etc).

Great work, so so so easy to use, i like it, you can click following link for more info about convert/burn avi to dvd:
burn avi to dvd

Posted by: leesha     09/7/2009

What is the best method and program to use to burn my .avi files to a DVD that will play well on my home DVD player?
I keep trying different method I'm searching online, but none of them seem to work well. I don't understand why burning avi videos to a DVD is so complicated. I keep being referred to different programs to convert video files into other formats and then burn, but the formats are coming out as different than what were intended.

I have used RZ DVD Creator to burn my any video files to DVD, you can try it by yourself.

Oh, i am so happy, today we have used it, work great, i like it very much, we will strongly recommend it to my friends, and thanks so much for your work.
use RZ DVD Creator to burn avi to dvd

Posted by: Paul     09/26/2009

How do I convert movie "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen"(.avi movie) on DVD disc that will play on a DVD player?
Hi, it is really easy to do that, you just need to burn avi to DVD via the right software, you should try RZ DVD Creator, it can make/burn standard video DVD from any video files, such as avi to DVD, it directly convert and burn any videos to DVD(avi to DVD, mp4 to DVD, flv to DVD, etc).
Work well on my computer, i like it so much, if you want to convert your movies(avi, mp4, flv, wmv, etc) to DVD, click folloiwng link to start now:
avi to dvd converter and burner
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