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With RZ DVD Creator, you can easy convert and burn any movies and photos to DVD, such as convert and burn any mp4 to DVD, etc. (MP4 to DVD Converter)

For example: I have downloaded two mp4 movies, "hero0414.mp4" and "M4V20018.MP4", I want to watch these movies on full screen TV via home DVD player, what is the easiest way?
It is the easiest way that use RZ DVD Creator to burn video DVD from any downloaded mp4 movies.

Step 1: Click "Add button" to add all mp4 movies "hero0414.mp4" and "M4V20018.MP4" as source, or directly drag and drop all the mp4 movies into RZ DVD Creator as source.

Step 2: If you want to create standard video DVD, you should select "DVD - NTSC", or "DVD - PAL".

  Both NTSC and PAL are TV system, NTSC is the TV system used in North America and most of South America, PAL is the TV system mostly used Europe.
  If you want to create Divx AVI Video DVD, you should select "Divx-DVD-NTSC", or "Divx-DVD-PAL". Divx AVI Video DVD, it can set the higher video resolution than stanard video DVD, but it only be played on Divx/MPEG4 Certificate DVD Player.
  If you want to create Xvid AVI Video DVD, you should select "Xvid-DVD-NTSC", or "Xvid-DVD-PAL". Xvid AVI Video DVD, it can set the higher video resolution than stanard video DVD, but it only be played on Xvid/MPEG4 Certificate DVD Player.
  You cann't add DVD menu in Divx/Xvid AVI Video DVD.

Step 3: Select a DVD Burner drive as target folder, RZ DVD Creator will convert and burn mp4 to DVD disc(DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, etc), and you should specify the type of inserted DVD writable disc, DVD-5(4.7G) disc or DVD-9(8.5G) disc.

Step 4: Click "START button" to start convert/burn mp4 to DVD.

    Tips 1: Here you can play and view the source mp4 movies, and define the start point(Start Time) and end point(End Time) of the source mp4 movies, only the part during the start and end point will be burned. Convert and Burn the most favorite part within mp4 movie to DVD.

    Tips 2: Here you can view the total size of the target DVD, you should keep it less than 100%, when you want to burn long mp4 movie or multiple mp4 movies into one video DVD, RZ DVD Creator can auto adjust the size to fit target DVD disc.

    Tips 3: Here we offer some advanced setting for the target movie, such as TV system(NTSC/PAL), Video resolution, Aspect ratio, Video resize mode, Video/audio Quality/Bitrate, etc.

    Tips 4: You can click Subtitle button to put SRT subtile file on selected mp4 movie.

    Tips 5: You can click "Menu button" to custome the professional DVD menu, and check "Enable DVD menu" to add DVD menu in target DVD.

    Following are some DVD menu sample:
    Guide Menu Page:

    Title Menu Page:

    Chapter Menu Page:

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